Saturday, July 9, 2011


Summer is here. Abundance of color, fragrance and taste. Whether it's in my backyard, community garden or weeds by the roadside, I love everything about it.

Dock and mugwort

Grass and chickory

Green bee on aster

 Painted Lady in my backyard

 White currant in my community garden plot

Tart but absolutely delicious even for Milo

A wasp building nest in my fake birdhouse

Double decker beebalm

Tiny bees mating in California Poppy

Honeybees on onion

Dill stars

The Black Currant - bigger, slightly less tart, with edible leaves as well

My Butterfly weed took three years from seed to this but so worth the wait

A bug most vegetable gardeners do not appreciate - Squash Vine borer Moth. She will lay her eggs in the vines of squashes and pumpkins and the larvae will almost certainly kill the vine. Enlarge to see her funny looking furry appendages? dangling from her body.
A question mark

This Tiger Swallowtail was in Franklin Park, spotted by my son who knew how excited I would be to see it. Enlarge the picture to see the nectar feeding tube elegantly rolled up, and to take a look at the great coloration of the body as well.

A wasp carrying a green larvae almost her own size. Is it going to be food for her eggs?