Sunday, November 13, 2011

In my neck of the woods

Has fall ever been this beautiful? And has November ever offered such gorgeous, warm Indian summer days? I'm immersing myself in colors getting more radiant every day. The pull is irresistible - out, out, and out some more. Luckily I don't have to go far to be warmed by the glowing gold. At the end of my street is the park. The more I look the more I see, by leaving the paths and wander in among the trees instead. No risk of getting lost - the road is visible almost all the way, but only a few steps inside the fence and off the trail, discoveries are waiting. In only 20 minutes of walking I found the most amazing palettes.

Last walk's spicebush and poison ivy leaves are gone by now, and instead we have beeches and maples glowing their hearts out.

A few Sassafras trees are still holding on to their leaves

Red and black oak are also on fire.

 American Hornbeam - a small tree also called Ironwood or Musclewood. Pleasant soft orange, fuzzy leaves.

I also found a small Tulip tree! 
Tulip trees are tall, flowering forest trees with flowers that resembled tulips to the European settlers. It has unusual leaves with 4 divisions. I almost wondered if it had been planted there? One can never know with a park of this kind, where many people have ideas of how they want it to look... I saw that someone had been busy pulling out invasive Buckthorn trees. I wish I knew who - a kindred spirit!

Farther down by the golf course some sun-loving shrubs grow. Blackberry brambles are burgundy-purple

and this Dogwood shrub - maybe Silky dogwood? has the most beautiful red stems and leaves.


  1. Beauty wherever we look! Aren't we lucky to live where autumn brings us such gorgeous color?

  2. lovely lovely captures, Asa.....thank you!

  3. Exquisite photos ... and nature-loving commentary!