Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A slower pace

Although it still feels more like fall than winter around here, one sure sign of winter has arrived. Viruses and colds are keeping some of us indoors and there were a few veeeery long and eventless days. Good thing that I have my little back porch bird feeding station to keep me entertained, and a few very short walks in the afternoon sun helped too.

Red twig dogwood stems in the Arnold Arboretum

Unknown tree with fantastic seed heads

One of my friends, the whitebreasted nuthatch, comfortably perching upside down

The most common of all my visitors, this Downy woodpecker and his mate are never far from the feeders.

Mr Housefinch sat and rested in the tree but never landed on the feeder. Hopefully he will be back with his extended family soon.And look at the pretty purple maple buds.

Oakleaf hydrangea in my community garden 

witch hazel seeds

Virginia Sweetspire, a native South-easterner that is getting good attention in gardens for its butterfly appeal.

Native hibiscus seedhead

Pretty little Nine-bark seeds. Related to roses and brambles, it has fragrant five-petaled flowers.
Outside the fence of the gardens, sun plays on trees and trunks.

Red leaves of Greenbriar

 And all the little aster seeds, like millions of stars in a galaxy.

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