Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Life in May and June

 Columbine in the garden

Grackle babies in nest outside my house

Memorial Day swim at Walden pond

In my own backyard woods, also known as Franklin park in Boston, False Solomon's seal. 
Spicebush berries

In the community garden, milkweed buds are growing by the minute, little earwig hiding

Raindrop in lupine leaf

Alpine strawberries - all the way from my father's garden. Someone took a little nibble.

Sunshine days and rain.

Ebony jewelwing on American chestnut in Blue Hills reservation


 Indian pipe flowers, translucent, delicate.
Last, a view from a beech. Less than five minutes walk from my house there are trees to climb.  

This climb was special since it was my first solo climb. Perfect concentration - remember all the different steps, knots, the order of things. It worked. Up in the canopy, the beauty and life of green - as if I was feeding on sunshine just like the leaves I'm surrounded by.

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  1. So many wonders surround us. Thanks for showing us yours.