Friday, July 27, 2012

Canoeing on the Charles and other activities

In a mighty white oak, wider than tall, 10 ropes were set to get the Franklin Park Coalition teen workers off the ground for a day. These teenagers work in the summer to help maintain the park and does a wonderful job clearing Common buckthorn and Japanese knotweed. I was happy to be able to help this day, a way for me to return a little of the favors given to me by my tree climbing instructor Andrew Joslin. He has facilitated this particular climb for years and was happy with this year's outcome.


 During lunch break I took a look at the little wetland nearby. A monarch butterfly was there and I hope it was attracted to the swamp milkweeds.

Some jewelweed and tansy

On my back porch three young chickadees have been enjoying the nyjer seeds I left out for the goldfinches. It's been fun to watch and hear them, so curious and fearless. 

Last weekend I got the chance to go canoeing on the Charles river, the big river that runs through Boston and ends up in the Atlantic. By then it's wide and straight and not very clean, but further up river it is nice and pleasant and meandering through a pretty landscape of meadows and woods. Not many pictures were taken, but I had a wonderful time in the sun.

Buttonbush and cattails

 A little brook on the side caught our curiosity
A family of geese were ahead of us 

Wild roses by the shore

Plants in the water - wish I knew more about those.


 Skimmer. Of course there were dragonflies and damselflies everywhere, of at least a dozen different kinds. They never sit still for a picture though.

Blackberries. Over the meadow covered in blackberries cedar waxwings were busy.

Deer hoof, coming to the water for drinks.

On the way back to the main river again, the geese passed us indignantly. We had selfishly blocked their way out of the little brook with our canoe.

We also spotted a Yellow throated warbler in a thicket.

This one we just had to get a picture of, even if it meant holding him captive for a second!

Marshmallows and Cardinal flowers growing on the banks.

At home, a monarch is visiting my backyard Joe Pyeweed.

And Tiger Swallowtails among others are coming to the Buddleia in my front yard.

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