Saturday, April 25, 2015

Things you see when you're in a tree

A collection of photos from some climbs I've been fortunate to do during the past years.

December sunsets

First warm day of April sky from a white oak

 It becomes clear that trees generate their own heat

A dead branch supports just as much life as a live one

April maple buds

Winter climbs bring their own rewards

This wet day it was a lot about willpower

A sunny summer day my son got to try it out for the first time

Here we are cleaning out a screech owl box where the squirrels have been adding layers for years.

Owl view
 Through tree climbing I've been meeting wonderful people from all over the world. This is Women's Tree Climbing Work shop in October 2013.

My house! I live on the top floor in the blue house. As of this summer, that roof is covered with solar panels.

A stunning May day in an oak
I could have stayed here all week, listening to the spring peepers in the marsh below.
 And I was joined by a pair of scarlet tanagers
 Soft Connecticut hills from a tall tulip tree

My parents in their house, Stockholm, Sweden

My mom did not want to climb but it was great to show her what I have been doing.

Large, old, amazing Elm in south of Sweden. Four trunks spread evenly.

Fantastic lichen cover on this old Elm

Early fall foliage from a hemlock in the Berkshires, MA

Marshes and hidden ponds

And another stunning sunset

 Maples, sugar and red, of giant proportions.

Another fall day, we decided against this oak since it was home to some raccoons

We went up this pine instead

One of few solo climbs for me, in the woods close to home

A night climb in a friend's oak tree

At a tree climbing conference in Atlanta GA, I spent part of the day in this white oak.

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