Friday, March 11, 2011

Last days of winter?

Since I started gardening and following nature's progress I've always had a really hard time leaving home. I'm missing so much! This time of year, it's quite possible that I will miss that absolute moment where it tips over from winter to spring. I will surely miss the first hue of red of the silver maple buds and of all the other trees that are as impatient as we are now. And what if I won't see the first Oriole?

Having said that, I'm not regretting one bit that we are flying to Puerto Rico tomorrow to visit the inlaws. I'll be just as happy when I return to greet every new sign of spring. And I will be rejuvenated and thoroughly warmed up in and out!

I found the time for a quick walk in the Arnold Arboretum yesterday morning. It was grey and fairly cold and windy. I noticed that many trees and shrubs had winter damage as everywhere else in Boston. Many old favorites were missing branches that had broken off under wet heavy snow. We'll see how they recuperate - trees have ways of healing themselves.

From the path I noticed these silvery buds down by the wet areas.

The Pussy Willow buds were bursting and shedding their single bud scales.

Just unfurled - 

And so incredibly soft.

I have a thing for Silver Maples. They are so grand and romantic. Their old bark silvery and red.

This is one of the biggest I know!

To see Speckled Alder was to greet a friend from my childhood. We used to pick the little cones and save them as treasures.

Thanks to my blog friend Woodswalker I know that this pointy bud belongs to a Sugar maple.

Colors were sparse in the park this day

but I spent some time with this Robin.


  1. Witch Hazel blooming in spring?!! Must be some special species. Have a wonderful WARM vacation.

  2. It's Chinese. The Arboretum plants them like that - a lot of different related plants in groups so you can compare them easily. The color really pops right now!