Sunday, August 28, 2011


My street has changed forever. Hurricane Irene has taken down numerous trees in and around Boston (Western Mass got more of the flooding and less of the winds) and some were right here. I mourn the loss of a few tree friends, although I am of course relieved that no one was hurt.

This Linden street tree was literally uprooted in front of my eyes in one, terrible, strong wind gust. It was planted in front of my next door neighbor. The poor minivan owner took it remarkably cool.

A giant old Weeping Willow at the entrance to Franklin Park cracked and felled. Looking at the stem, it was a mystery why it cracked, it didn't look deseased at all. The winds must simply have been terrible. I will miss this one sorely.

Across the street from me, another line of tall slender ones were cracked and I will have to get used to these broken limbs instead of the graceful Silver Maples and Ashes. But again, no damage to homes or people.

This was my first experience with a hurricane and I really didn't know what to expect. Now I know, and the powers unleashed are terrifying. But it's over now, and surprisingly enough, a few of my 10 ft sunflowers in my garden still stand. No lawn chairs were thrown about. My neighbor mourns the loss of his favorite wheelbarrow, crushed by a heavy branch. Others have lost power. I'm going to bed.

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