Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A day on the beach

The first visit to Playa Flamenco was around 8 pm, the week before that extra big moon that everyone all over the globe was talking about. The moon was not full yet but it was shining strong from a clear night sky and making the sand almost glow. The big dipper was almost upside down. Me and my six year old ran into the water and up again, in and up, getting caught by the waves, laughing in the moon light. To see his immense excitement made me the same.

The next morning we returned armed with buggy boards, sandwiches, cameras and swimsuits, no less excited. We found a semi shaded spot close to the vegetation above the sand. From inside the bushes we were watched:

This couple (not yet identified) were skilled in snatching food from bags and trash cans and were almost invisible in the stark contrasting shades. I stood right in front of him a long time wondering where he went, until I realized that he was sitting right in front of me and had seen me all the time.

I also saw these great red beetles.

it must have been midst of mating season because we only saw couples like this, attached and still walking around in the sand.

In the trees I saw enormous nests of some kind.

But I soon turned my eyes to the ocean and watched in awe these great fishermen:

 Brown Pelicans!

One came first, soon to be joined by three more. Other bird species came and went, following the example of the pelicans, seemingly a good opportunity for fishing. The pelicans went searching and diving numerous times:
 And rested on the waves in between.

We also took a few drives over the island.

The landscape is different from the lush humid greenery of the main island. Here on Culebra it's almost desert climate. The ocean wind keeps trees from growing tall. Narrow winding roads cross the island and you never know what will reveal itself when you turn a corner.


  1. :-) love it, and your language is as poetic as is the imagery...

  2. Thanks Elke! It's easy to be poetic in a place like that.

  3. It's as amazing as it was being there!