Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden in the Woods again

Garden in the Woods is a sanctuary of native plants in Framingham outside Boston where I'm taking a class in identifying wildflowers. We are still working on our spring ephemerals - flowers that bloom only for a short time in early spring, before the trees have leafed out and shade the forest floor. 

I haven't seen many of these plants in "real life", out in the wild.  I hope to do that in the future when I have more time to explore on my own. For now, the Garden sanctuary helps me to get an idea of their season and habitats and just being there is a treat, every time I go.

Hobblebush is not a spring ephemeral - it's a native Viburnum shrub, 
but it is one of my favorites, and today it was finally in bloom.

We saw some Wild Ginger flowers, hiding under the leaves close to the ground.

Lovely lovely violets peaking through the dead leaves

and a Leatherwood shrub, that I triumphantly identified all by myself, using the wildflower guide.
Anemone Nemorosa - or very very similar. This is the Anemone that I choose to name my blog after. In Sweden it's a blissful sight in spring, covering forest floors under the birches and the pines, shining white after the long dark winter.

Delicate petals, pink on the outside.

This one I also identified by myself! Shooting star.

Spicebush in bloom! I have a spicebush - it's about a foot tall and 
didn't flower this year. Maybe next year?

I have no idea who this is. My insect book didn't help me a lot.

Mapleleaf viburnum buds. I will repost when it's blooming.

Fragrant Sumac Buds 

In this hole a busy bumblebee went in and out. Was she building
a nest or already laying her eggs?

 The small and cute Leatherleaf shrub with long tangles of delicate flowers.

 Marsh Marigold


There were lots more to photograph but my camera battery ran out. Next week will show other little darlings.

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