Saturday, April 30, 2011

Every day is a miracle now

Inside a tulip universe

The lilacs are getting more sun this year since we took out the crazy backyard bamboo, and there are many lovely buds.

My Oakleaf hydrangea was suffering from all the snow that was shoveled on top of it, but is now leafing out. I sooo hope it will bloom this year. It was given to me for free provided that I dug it up and transported it to my home. It was a major project and I am so glad that it have survived.

The columbines are ready for Hummingbird visitors, although a neighbor who knows a lot said they probably won't arrive until June.

Joe Pye weed is finally coming up, red and fuzzy

and all my sunflowers from last year are generously re-seeding

A Rhubarb flower will eventually grow up to 5 feet on a tall stalk. You are supposed to cut them off to encourage more edible stems, but I usually keep a few since they are very impressive, and very attractive to pollinators.

In my garden plot I grow Currants. This is the flowers of the White Currant bush - so many this year:

And here are the Black Currant flowers. I make juice of the berries and tea from the leaves.

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