Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's time.

I've finally measured my community garden plot - it is 9 by 14 ft. That's not a lot, but I have been able to squeeze in tons of stuff - some years over 40 different kind of plants. This year will be no exception.

Some things are ahead of me:

And some things were started in the previous year, like these garlics.

I sprouted peas at home and brought them to be planted:
Garden peas for shelling and eating and Sweet peas for the fragrance and color they bring.

I had plans for a cylindrical container for my raspberries - 

Two half trash cans will do the trick, so that I don't have to ruin the rest of the plot digging up the root suckers all the time. A couple of Alpine strawberry plants can go in on top.

I had grown some Swiss chard in my window:

Now it will get into the ground. If the size of worms matter at all, this will be a great year!

It had been some gray and rainy days. Rain's a lot better than snow though. If you don't know Boston - that tall building is the Pru - helping everyone get a sense of direction wherever you are.

But spring is slowly advancing. Baby lupines are peaking out.

And this interesting moth rested on the porch railing. Note that left and right wings have different patterns!

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